Best Wholesale Software Solution

   Wholesale is a complex process, involving the tracking of products and terms for different suppliers and consumers, and is a vital part of the connection between manufacturers and customers. This complexity has to be matched by the wholesale software systems that execute it.As a result, there are a huge variety of systems available, depending on the requirements of different kinds of buyers.

What Kind of Software Buyer Are You?

   There are four main groups that buyers of wholesale software fall into. Determining which one you are can help to establish which software solution you require.

  • Full-suite buyer :

   These customers are interested in one system that takes care of all functions. They tend to value the smooth integration of data that a complete distribution management software suite allows.

  • Small business buyer :

   Users from small wholesale businesses, or who have a wholesale component as part of their business, often work with few clients and supplies, and with smaller inventories. Such buyers tend to  favour paper-based systems or general wholesale distribution software.

  • Departmental buyer :

   If you are a specialist for an organisation with an internal distribution network, you may need software that can sustain multiple departments.

  • Multiple warehouse operations buyer :

    If you run multiple facilities, using software that can track and balance inventories over long distances. The system needs to track customer and vendor accounts, produce overall enterprise data and dissect each operation.

Retail Billing Software

   Retail billing software is designed for proper tracking of bills as well as invoicing consumers for services and products. It also display information such as hours worked by employees, expenses incurred, clients bill and which clients owe money for particular projects. It can be used at apparel shop, footwear shop, books store, computer shop, cosmetics store etc.

   Benefits of retail accounting software:

1. Provides better control and simplify your business

2. Instant snapshot of real time reports

3. Automate your billing and sale operations

4. Track and manage your inventory

5. Keep track of your sales and profits

Why Exact ERP for manufacturers?

   The manufacturing industry is competitive and customers are demanding. They want unique, tailor-made products at low prices with short delivery times. To meet these demands, and to stay ahead of the competition, far-reaching automation, flexibility of manufacturing processes, smart inventory management and good planning are vitally important. Exact ERP for manufacturers allows you to streamline your manufacturing process. You utilise your manufacturing resources as effectively as possible and optimise inventory levels. You maintain control and save costs thanks to transparent reports and automatic notifications. What’s more, with ERP for manufacturing you take the first step towards the ‘smart’ factory of the future.

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